1. Jack Boyz


<p>Jack Boyz (Hook)</p>
<p>Jack Boyz waiting for you to come through slipping</p>
<p>(Watcha Doing)</p>
<p>I'm switching lanes watching my mirrors gripping</p>
<p>(On what) What!</p>
<p>Wood Wheels Real Niggaz know how that feel</p>
<p>Stash Box Glock make it go Pop Pop</p>
<p>(Take that)</p>
<p>Repeat 2x's</p>
<p><img src="http://www.deluxxjewelz.com/img/IMG_9570.JPG" alt="" width="383" height="508" /></p>
<p><a title="Deluxx Jewelz and Jon. E Ruth" href="https://soundcloud.com/deluxx-jewelz/01-jack-boyz-feat-jon-e-ruth-reddz-deluxx-jewelz-prod-by-mr-fantastic" target="_blank">Jon E. Ruth/Mr.Fantastic and Deluxx Jewelz: Jack Boyz</a></p>