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 DeluxX Jewelz "Big Knowledge"- 

DeluxX Jewelz is a homegrown Rapper from Baltimore City, that gives his Fans a peephole into his Life, with his "real-as-it-get's" lyrics.  He has a way with words, that will make you think, while "Bobbing" your head to his many Flows and "Insane Lyricism".  As he shares his "Real Life" Stories, DeluxX Jewelz, compels  you to "question what you've been taught by, Society and gain "New Perceptions" about Life.  

                                            EARLY LIFE

Dominick, as his Mother calls him, was born in Bremerhavne, Germany to a young military family. They moved to a few more states before finally settling in Baltimore, Maryland. At an early age, Dominicks parents, divorced, leaving both him and his older brother to be raised their alone by their Mother. In order to provide for them she, worked a full-time job with long hours, which left little room to tend to the boys. Dominick grew up on the streets of Baltimore, where he had to devlope his own set of Survial Skills. Life as a young Black Male in Baltimore without the Guidance of an adult was a winding road of trouble, that in the end made him the Strong Man he is today.


DeluxX Jewelz began his pursuit into Hip-Hop at the age of 11.

 "I would go to school, finish my work early and get straight A's, so instead of talking and getting into trouble, I would scribble poems and raps on the back of paper".

                     In the early 1990's, he joined with a group of friends to form their Hip-Hop group that they named  "Ill Fam". But due to creative differences, the long term group of friends, went their own ways Musically. This split also made DeluxX Jewelz, for the first time a solo independent artist.  Staying true to his old school Hip-Hop roots and paying homage to his mentors in the Game, like, Naz, AZ and Kol G Rap, Deluxx Jewelz incorporates hard hitting Hip-Hop beats with his "True Street Lyricism".

 DeluxX  Jewelz, first solo album, appropriatly titled "The Renaissance of DeluxX Jewelz", was released in 2012. Heading back to the studio, with writers itch, DeluxX Jewelz got to work on his first solo Mixtape. The DaPiff featured Mixtape, "Dirty Lundary", is hosted by one of the hottest DJ's in the Game, Shade 45's own, Show Off Raido DJ, Statik Selektah.